Nero cd-dvd speed scandisc read errors



I have two dvd burner/drives. One is an old TDK 440N and I also have a new Plextor 740. Now when I do a scan with Nero cd-dvd speed/ scandisc/ read test. When the test is performed on the TDK drive it will show damaged and bad sectors/blocks on the dvd-r which has dvd video on it. When you run the test in the Plextor drive it shows up as perfect with no errors. I would assume the tdk drive is not reading the disc correctly or something but then again, is the disc actually damaged but the plextor drive is just that great of a reader it can still read it? The disc itself was written on the TDK drive the media is also TDK 8x dvd-r. The real kicker is that when I write the same cd with the plextor drive it comes out read error free on both drives when a read test is performed

I have performed the test multiple times and the plextor drive reads it perfectly, the disc was just written so there is no scratches or damage to it. So I am confused, that is why I would like to bounce it off some cd freaks.


I wanted to add to the post above, the cd that had tested perfectly before in the tdk is now spotted with damaged blocks. I have no idea how reliable the tool is but, the plextor always shows no errors.