Nero CD-DVD speed Problem



When i burn a DVD with Nero and then test it with Nero CD-DVD Speed in my DVD-ROM, I always get an error.

But when i burn a DVD with CloneDVD2 and test it with Nero CD-DVD speed in my DVD-ROM, it works fine.

Any idea what the problem is?

This is the error


Also the DVD i burned with Nero tests fine in my NEC writer but i find my NEC’s reading unreliable. I have also been searching around google and this only happens with CSS protected DVD’s and to get past it you unlock the DVD drive by playing a DVD and then test… Doesn’t work :a


Sorry, unlocking DID work… I used my Nero DVD to unlock it instead of a real DVD (dual layer).

It works :slight_smile:

Wonder why it think it has CSS?


Doesn’t matter, used wrong profile 4 Nero burnin ROM


Please help, i looked around on google and it says this should only happen with CSS protected DVD’s but the one i am testing is a recorded DVD-R with no protection. It also says to bypass the error, unlock the drive by playing the DVD and then doin the test… Works for my Dual layer (original DVD’s) but not for my recorded DVD-R


(Oh yeah, the speed test works fine in my NEC-2500 but i find the NEC’s reading unreliable, also my firmware for my DVD-ROM is the original CH12)


You said the Nero Speed test works right if you perform it with your burner. Are you doing the ‘Tranfer Rate’ test? Are you getting a clean line like this (it can be a bit more ragged):

Does the burn play right in your standalone? Have you tried other media?

If the Transfer Test looks good in the NEC and it plays right in your computer and standalone I would not concern myself with the reader’s test. With the almost infinite combination of hardware/software/drivers/firmware out there it stands to reason that somethings my not work for everyone.

You want a playable DVD, have you achieved that? That would be the only test I would really be concerned with.