Nero CD-DVD Speed Posts

I just ran the two attached Disk Quality tests and need to know what the various colored indicators mean. I assume the results are good but can not find the details to go with the charts. These were run on a Benq 1655 using TY02 media. Many Thanks.

Attached? I don’t see any attachments. Save the quality scans as png (click on the tiny floppy icon on the top right-hand corner) for the best quality at the smallest size.

I hope this works!

Great results. Thread about CD-DVD Speed

Great scans :iagree:

Can you do also transfer rate test? TRT complete scans in evaluating burning quality.

You assume the results are good? They are VERY good! The colors are displayed in a square box next to the fields. Light Blue -> PI Errors. Yellow -> PI Failures. And the red (pink?) for Jitter. The yellow line on the top graph shows the read speed. For the top graph, the left y-axis shows the PI Error value and the right y-axis shows the read speed. For the bottom graph, the left axis shows the PI Failure value and the right one displays jitter amount. HTH.

I will try it now and post soon.


Sweet scans… Generally anything 93 and up should be good. You are basically looking to see that the PI errors stay near the range they show in your scans, and PIF average should be 1 or less (most of my scans are .x ) but I only use verbatim and taiyo yuden for anything I want to retain. For stuff like copies of movies (so I can hide the original), I will use the cheaper stuff. Even if it goes bad, I can always burn another copy (they are cheap). After about six months, rescan something that you have burned, and make sure that the quality scores are near the same area. If there are substantial changes, you need to look at better media.

Many thanks for the info. I have had great luck with taiyo yuden and will have to try some Verbatum.

SweetLeaf - Thanks - you explained just what I wanted to be sure of. I have been burning for a while now but never really found a clear explanation for these graphs.

You’re welcome. And how many optical drives do you own :eek: (was reading your sig)

At the moment I have about 12 - a new one should be delivered on Monday (BENQ 1655). Have a computer in the kitchen, my home office, my bedroom, and in the dining room (next to another computer that is just for my grandchildren to play games on) plus the one at my work office. Also have three systems as spares in the basement. All are Pentium 4 (1 GHZ or higher) with at least 512 RAM most with 1 GIG. I teach computers at a local private college! Also have about 6 external hard drives that I rotate as needed - one just stores my grandson’s (6 years old) PS2 games so I can burn new ones when he scratches the old ones). I store my digital pictures and backups on some of them. Also have 5 scanners (Epson and HP), 5 InkJet printers, 3 laser printers, 8 Zip Drives, 5 ORB drives (2 GIG). My computers all have SCSI and Promise add in cards so I can run up to 8 IDE devices. You asked!!

help me i read that on the transfer rate tests if there are dips then the burn is shit. well those pics show dips but the pif scan looks good and the other test is all green.
testing media is hard to do. i dont know what the hell to look for.

now on this disc i just tested the transfer rate has no dips but the pif test is worse than the other disc with the dips in transfer rate but a better pif test. :confused: