Nero CD/DVD speed not showing "recorded with" during scan



Why do some of my older scans say what recorder was used to burn my DVD and some don’t? I even think I had an older version of Nero, when it showed me that. Later it didn’t.

Someone please explain.


It only happens on DVD-R media not DVD+R.

Would that explain it for you?


No, I think I get it now. It only shows the info for the discs burned with CD-DVD Speed, not for the ones burned with for example Nero Burning Rom , right?


Discs that are burned with Nero CD-DVD Speed have information about the burning drive recorded as a visible or invisible file, depending on the type of data burned. This can be switched on/off with the “Include tests data” option in CDSpeed.

All recorded DVD-R/RW media include information about which drive was used to burn the media, regardless of which burning program is used.

Nero CD-DVD Speed will show the information it recorded itself if available, or else it will show the standard recording information for DVD-R/RW media.

For CD-R media and DVD+R/RW media not recorded with CDSpeed, there is no “recorded with” information available so none will be shown.


How can I retrieve this information?


It’s visible in Nero CD-DVD Speed on the Disc Info tab. It’s also available with PxScan/PxView on Plextor drives. There might be other programs able to show this information as well.