Nero Cd-DVD Speed - Is it worth it?

I have been using Nero CD-DVD Speed for DVD Movie Disk Quality Purposes for a few weeks and feel that I am beginning to get a feel for which disks , speeds etc produce a decent burn- and more importantly which disks to avoid.

Question - If I start out with an old DVD Movie - which DVD speed shows to be producing poor results (PI error average 160, max 450, PI failure average
2.99, max 15) then using DVD shrink and Nero I copy the movie to a better quailty DVD I then get better results on the new DVD ( PI error average 2.07, max 12, PI failure average 0.11, max 7).

Is the new DVD really “better” ?

I don’t see how the copy can be better than the original. Is it just that the data is not better but the new DVD is more reliable and likely to continue to play well ?

So - is it worth going thru old DVD’s and re-recording to better DVD’s ?



Hi Harry, I’m new in the forum. Actually I have burning problems and dont know if it’s caused by the software or the hardware. Im using Nero, but I have no idea of those options you mentioned (CD-DVD speed). My DVDs are writen to the end with a note ‘succesful’ but when checking, Nero reports errors and so the disc is useless. Thanks

It’s better in the sense that if your source drive can read the data and correct for the errors, you will have a clean “original” again (albeit of lower quality due to DVDshrink shrinking it to fit on a single-layer disc). You can then store your real original and not inflict it to more scratches and wear. If it’s got a lot of errors because it’s physically deteriorating (e.g. bit rot), then backing it up is a very good idea because you can preserve the data as well as you can. Your ability to copy it in this case will continually get worse.

Thanks - makes sense. With DVD+R prices now being much lower than a few years ago I can’t see any real harm in making extra copies - just in case.

I’m still not clear on how seriously to take the CD-DVD figures. I have made better copies of a number of DVDs because Nero CD-DVD Speed indicates large numbers of PO errors - and yet the movies still play without problem on my TV DVD player.