Nero CD-DVD Speed "hwinfo.exe"



i accidently put the hwinfo.exe on my desktop and i cannot delete it. When the program trys to go to the recycle bin i get an error stating that is being accessed by another program. Is there a fix to this or am i stuck with this .exe on my desktop?

   any information regarding this issue; iam deeply obliged


Press Control,Alt,Del see if any applications are running that would be useing that program and stop it. If that doesnt let you delete it boot into safe mode you should be able to get rid of it that way


the hwinfo.exe is not a process running…and in safe mode i cannot delete it either; even with MS-Dos delete strings. I feel it is some way connected to a Local Service and the question is which one?


I have the same issue and have not resolved it yet. Have you found a fix?


Give Unlocker (freeware, google for it) a try, very useful utility.