Nero CD-DVD Speed, help me understand

Is this program just to test blank CD or DVDs? I have tried to test non blank (some info on them, but not full) disk and I get messages saying can’t be done and other things, but if I put a blank one in all test will run fine. Just FYI all my Nero is up to date with all the December patches.

EDIT… This has only happen with CD-R, I don’t seem to have a problem checking a DVD+R with a movie on it.

If you say this isn’t right… Is there something you cantell me to do to test everything out?

Try a scan of a burned audio cd. My cd\dvd tool works fine if I put in an audio cd

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Well thank you for the help cor808 allot better then the last post you gave me. Again THANK YOU.

Ok this what happens…

On “Spin up drive” with a data CD-R with about 50mb on it… it stops and this is what I get…


After that I look at the CD drive and I have a yellow light that stays flashing until I remove the disk. This flash is NOT a data read flash, it just flashes off and on.

But like what was said above to try… I put a store music CD in and everything works fine. Any thoughts or is this nothing to worry about?