Nero CD-DVD Speed gives stranges results


I just bought a NEC ND 3570A (original firmware 1.11). I tested it with Nero CD-DVD speed (v4.51.1) and made a “Create disk” test with a DVD-R 4x (no name) and DVD+R 16x (MCC004). The result is strange because the buffer goes down about every 500MB. So I can’t believe that media are not good quality. I made a defrag and shuted down all not-important processes (like antivirus, fire-wall…) but nothing changes.

When I make a “disk quality” test of burned DVDs, we can see that at every 500MB there is a spike of PI failures.

Have you got an idea about it?

Please not that BIG screenshots!

If I’m not wrong, you used a DVD reader to do scans. Then these scans are not reliable, because only burners can do reliable scans.

And please, as pointed by chef, don’t post pics so big :wink:

Sorry for the pictures :o

Ok I will test quality disk with the burner to compare but my real problem is not the spikes read during quality disk but the buffer stability during burning…

If you do a forum search, you will soon realise those buffer dips are normal and expected.

Hi skyfox. This is normal when burning and is better explained in the NEC Faq.

Thank you a lot.

I did a forum search but it’s so big that I lost myself :o)