Nero CD-DVD Speed ECC

I spent ages reading through the various threads trying to understand what the maximum figures should be for a good scan using Nero CD-DVD Speed. Unfortunately I’m still not clear and would appreciate it if someone could set me straight. Kprobe clearly stated it was using 8ECC / PI and 1ECC / PIF; therefore the max figures would be 280 and 4 respectively. CD-DVD speed doesn’t state clearly whether it is using 8ECC for both PI and PIF which would make the max figures 280 and 32. Is CD-DVD Speed using 8ECC for both figures? If I set CD-DVD speed to use 1ECC does that apply to PI as well as PIF? When CD-DVD Speed is using 1ECC would that make the max PI figure 280/8=35? Some who really understands please help sooth my addled brain.

1ECC setting in CD-DVD Speed affects only PIF figures. PIE is always reported at 8ECC.