Nero CD-DVD Speed does not show recorded with



I notice than most of the disc quality scans shown here have “recorded with …” but I’ve only seen it a couple of times on mine.

I burn with Nero Express & DVD Decrypter generally.

Can anyone explain this for me please.


if you burn with cd/dvd speed (to create test discs), it will have ‘recorded with…’ shown…

on dvd-r i also saw that ‘recorded with…’, even though the disc is not created by cd/dvd speed (just my usual backup disc burnt with nero)… it seems -R have the ability to store writer info ? I can’t verify it again, as i only bought & burn 1 dvd-R for testing only…



That’s right. The recorded info should appear on dash discs regardless of the software used. The info will appear on plus discs only if created with CD-DVD Speed.


That’s very interesting. I also wondered how this is possible. Where is that information stored on disc? And if it’s independent from the software, what burns that, the burner itself?


The burner I think puts the info in some -R discs, some leave the field blank so you get "Recorded with v " Besides, even with create data disc, if the result is soo bad that the end gets corrupted, you will not see your burn speed nor recorded with message.


I understand that Nero CD-DVD Speed puts the info, of the name of the burner and the graph of burn speed, in a file at the end of the disc while it’s finishing the recording. So that when you scan the disc you will have the name and the graph. This applies to any type of the disc you burn with it.

As for DVD-R, it is something different. The burner stamps the info about the burner itself including its name AND serial number onto the disc. You won’t see the serial number as most software doesn’t show it. This applies to all DVD-R and all drives. I’m not sure about DVD-RW but if you have one you can test it yourself buy burning with other software and go to Quality Scan in Nero CD-DVD Speed and see if the name of the burner is there.


:open_mouth: does that mean … SOMEONE CAN FIND ME OUT IF I BEEN DISTRIBUTING DISCS!?! and PROVE IT?!

prays for a god!


use +R discs, problem solved :iagree:


Yes, it’s done by the firmware. Some drives even carry a separate internal identification for this purpose (for example, all 1653S-based firmwares will stamp D24A even though none of them are identified as such).

As for the serial number, that depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers don’t store the serial number in the drive itself so it is impossible for the drive to write the serial number (so it’ll leave it blank or write junk data that might look like a serial number but really is not). Some drives choose not to write the s/n. So it all depends.

And to trace a serial number back to a customer is not all that easy, either. Not all companies will bother to spend the money to keep a database like that.


code65536, does your firmware for Lite-On have that feature removed? Or the ability to patch fireware to remove it?


That is not quite true. Serial number is needed for warranty so they do keep it and it is written on your warranty card.

Having that “feature” on is a bad thing.