Nero CD-DVD Speed - Crash with C1/C2 - PI/PO Test

I am currently using Nero CD-DVD Speed*, which was installed as part of Nero 7 (Nero Home Essentials SE). I am running Windows XP Home SP 3, with a Liteon DVD-ROM.

When using ScanDisc and using the “C1/C2 - PI/PO test” option, at the end of the test the software crashes with this error:

"Nero CD-DVD Speed

Nero CD - DVD Speed has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

I’ve tried this several times and got the same error each time.

Could you please advise why this happens and how to fix it? Is this a known problem?

  • I have used the auto-update in the software to upgrade my Nero Setup a few days ago. This has updated Nero CD-DVD Speed to, but the problem is still persisting.

I have downloaded the latest version of Nero DiscSpeed ( from, but are still getting the same error when the test completes as discussed above.

Any ideas?

A couple of further observations I’ve experienced with Nero DiscSpeed

  1. I notice that the crash with the “C1/C2- PI/PO test” only happens with DVD-Rs (usually at the end of the test). There have been no crashes with CD-Rs.

  2. With DVD-Rs each cell in the grid is filled in black, rather than Green, Yellow or Red.

Can anyone shed any light on the above?

Welcome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile:

What are your other system specifications [like operating system, optical drive models, computer model, etc]?

Also, can you use the drive to successfully run a Disc Quality Scan [the Disc Quality tab, as opposed to the ScanDisc tab]? The information retrieved should be the same as doing a ScanDisc with PI/PO selected.

Thank you for your reply.

The “Disc Quality” reports runs fine without a crash. But a “C1/C2- PI/PO test” on the ScanDisc tab always crashes (usually at the end) on DVD-Rs. I would really like to know why this happens, as the two updates I’ve tried have not fixed this issue.

Here are some system details:

Windows XP Home (SP 3).
My computer is custom-built.
Lite-On DVD-ROM and Lite-On DVD-Writer (show as ATAPI DVD A DH20A4P and ATAPI DVD D DH16D2P in Device Manager).

I’m using the DVD-ROM to do the tests.

There are no obvious hardware or software problems with my computer otherwise.

What happens with, what I presume is the newer, DH20A4P?

I had the same problem (crash) with both drives.