Nero CD\DVD speed cpu usage test is way too high

Okay, so I thought I would try out the CPU usage test. Well, it only goes up to 8x on my current media, but that didn’t really matter. At 1x speed the cpu usage was 36%! Then at 2x speed 54%. 4X speed was 56%. And 8x was 89% cpu usage. Now I now what you think, yah yah, it’s probably in PIO mode. Nope, it’s in DMA 2 mode.

I know this isn’t normal, so what could be the problem? This is ridiculous… I mean I would probably cause errors in burning at 12X. This makes perfect sense since I always have gotten bad scores on Disc Quality after the point of which the burning speed reached around 7-8%, then at which, went completely down hill after it continued to make its way up to 12x. Hence, making the discs paper weights. Any ideas?

Oh and i’m using a Nec 3540A with 1.W5 FW, and my system isn’t a shitty system. I have a athlon 64 3000+ processor with 1024 megs of DDR-400, on a DFI Lanparty 250GB Nvidia 3 Nforce board.

I’m seeing the same here, though not as high as you:

55% is like way to high, and I also am in DMA mode, not PIO. I have no idea.

My config: A64 3000+, 2GB PC3200, MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum (nforce4).

This test is notoriously unreliable, ignore it. A true CPU load would be obtained from a dedicated monitor during a burn. Windows Performance Monitor works well, as do the various motherboard monitors. Or, just open Task Manager during the burn and watch the levels. On the processes tab, you can watch Nere.exe, and on the performance tab you can watch the total CPU load.