Nero CD/DVD Speed and DVR-109



So I have been burning coasters out of a 50 spindle of Tawain made Fuji DVD-R, and and trying to find some solutions to my problem. Previously I went through a 50 spindle of Sony DVD-R with not one coaster. I have spent the last couple of hours reading several forums, and am running into more questions than solutions. I decided to use CD Speed and run some tests. First of all, I am using a Sony drive to run these tests, as what I have read has said that Pioneer drives don’t support quality testing. Is it possible that this can give me invalid/inconsistent results? Of the Fuji’s I have tested, I am getting quality scores around 40, with PI max errors around 1300 and PI max failures around 15. With the Sony’s, the quality score was only 3, and these are the discs that have not given me any problems.

Also, when I burned the Sony disc’s, I had my DVR-109 set as the slave on the secondary IDE channel, and a bad stick of RAM, which I hadn’t realized until last month. Now the RAM is good, and the DVR-109 is set as master on the secondary IDE channel, DMA is enabled and I am using an 80 wire IDE cable, but I am still burning coasters every couple of discs. Is it possible that it could just be the Fuji’s? I haven’t been able to try any other brands since fixing my drive settings/RAM problem. I can post some scans if that would help. Sorry for the long rant, and I appreciate any replies. Thank you


Now my quality score is 0 :a

Burned on Taiwan Fuji, 8X


You’re right, the Pioneer drive isn’t the best scanner, but you can use DVDINFOPRO to scan with your Pioneer drive. Its also possible to scan in cdspeed with a change in the reg. database, but the results is in my opionon as good as useless.
The Sony drive you use to scan, which model is it?
Which firmware do you use in your 109?
Which burning app are you using?
It’s very likely that bad media is your problem, I would pick up some quality media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, and see if this can solve you problem.
Good luck.


Ohh its a DVD-Rom drive … sorry to say it, but you really need a burner to get descent scans. And your disc id looks funny. One last thing you should scan at max 4x


Thanks Allright. The firmware is 1.58, and I used nero to burn data, and DVD Decrypter to burn ISO images. So I can’t run scans in my DVD-ROM,(makes sense), but I can use DVDINFOPRO and run scans in my pioneer drive? Also are the FUJI’s these day poor media? I am into trading lossless music concerts in FLAC and SHN, and nobody will except any media less than TY’s or Japanese made Fuji’s.


Here are some scans that i did with DVDinfoPro.

The first one is with the Taiwan made FUJI’s, data burned with Nero, the second is and ISO burned with Alcohol 120%.


Yeah, those are pretty crappy.
That’s showing two different media IDs. Are they from the same spindle? If so, something isn’t quite right.
I would try a different f/w version, even if it’s older. I’d also contact Fuji directly and let them know what’s going on. If you want, they’ll send a mailing label so you can send them back for testing at no cost to you. Then they’ll send replacements no questions asked. Great company to deal with.
Also, if you want to get into scanning I would find a Lite-On or Benq writer to do it with. I would also contact RIMA and get some media samples to try in your 109. See what works and go with it.

Best of Luck,


Yeah surely you’ll have problems with playing these discs. Try pick up some verbatim or Taiyo yuden 8x (the 109 have problems with their 16x media)


Thanks guys. No these are two different brands, the first scan was Fuji and the second was TDK. I was just checking out Rima earlier and I think that I will perhaps pick up a Lite-On (nearly half of what I paid for my Pioneer at Best Buy) and some TY’s. The thing is, that I just watched the entire move done on the Fuji in my standalone, and it played perfectly. I know that the Pioneer isn’t great for scanning, but I have still seen some better 109 scans done with DVDInfoPro than what I am coming up with. Thanks again


Yeah, something is fishy with it, either the software/driver setup or the hardware/media itself.


Well your scan looks okay up to about 2-2.5 gb, you could try to lower the burning speed to 4x, this sometimes help with questionable media. Good choice with the liteon as a scanner, Taiyo Yuden media is in my opionon the best, so you should get some very nice scans, if not something is very rotten.


There is something screwy with dvdinfo and has been for the last 2 months release. If you note the graphs above it reads Pie and PO as almost identical peaks ie 1190- 1044 and 1211-1095. There is no way these numbers can be correct. Every pie can’t be a po can it?



Leads to the question: “Why using this burner for scanning?”


yeah, the Pioneer isn’t for scanning, but he’s considering a buying a liteon …


I am using this as a scanner b/c it is the only burner I have, and the other is just a rom drive. This is the first DVD burner I bought, and I hope to learn more about scans, especially when I get some extra cash to buy a lite-on. A friend of mine at work recommended them in the first place, but I got the DVR-109 instead. Oh well. I just had so many problems related to the bad RAM i mentioned earlier, that I just want to make sure everything is in top shape and running well, especially since I store alot of data and backups on DVD.


That’s cool, it’s just not a consistant drive to scan with. I don’t have a “scanning” drive either… I can’t see blowing $50 on a Liteon or Benq when my Pioneers work fine. I’d try some TY media, or some Ritek. See what the Pioneer can do with that. Also, as suggested, burning at a slower speed might work out. If all else fails, RMA the drive and let Pioneer sort it out.

Best of luck,