Nero CD-DVD Speed,incomplete tests

Hi Everyone,

I have Nero CD-DVD Speed, and it seems I can’t get past the “transfer rate” test, when I attempt to run all the tests, listed in the “Run Test” menu. This is with testing a blank Maxell CD-R Music,or Cd-R data disc and a Maxell DVD-R.
The other tests in the “Run” menu ( DAE quality, etc.) won’t start regardless of how I configure the options settings. I don’t believe I had this problem with other, previous versions of Nero .
Do I have to burn some sort of a image, on the blank media, before the other tests will run ? Or is some other approach neede?
Feedback will be appreciated.

The only test you can perform on blank media is the transfer test, which is a simulated write. The other tests are only relevant for media that actually contains something.

That explains why the other tests wouldn’t start, thanks for your reply.