Nero CD-DVD Speed released adds disc quality tests

I just posted the article Nero CD-DVD Speed released adds disc quality tests.

 FinBastard used our news submit to tell us that the insanely  popular, CD-DVD Speed program for comparing burners is out and has some  new, very interesting features. It looks like there...
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ownage bitches

“Bitsetting: improved support for NEC drives” I wonder what that means?

Thank you, Erik, for up-grading this great tool! Appreciate the “Advanced” features as well as jitter reporting for the LITE-ON scans. My first “Class One” result was on a TYG01 burned @ 4X on the PONEER 111 and scanned on the BENQ 1655. Great Fun!

Coolio a new tool, I’m staying up till the am lol Well thanks a lot Erik doing a real great job with Nero CD-DVD Speed makes us CDFreaks happy that our discs are good lol:B

Which recent Lite-On drives will now report jitter? I tried my 165P6S but no jitter was reported.