Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.50 released with CLV/P-CAV scanning speeds for BenQ drives

Grab it and lets do some test! :wink:

good find :slight_smile:

Only I cannot remember what P-CAV or CLV scanning was good for on our BenQ drives (for that matter I own a DW1620)… I have read it somewhere before, cannot remember where exactly…
I lost the information somewhere inside my head :wink:

Can any1 find a link or post or alike to inform me (and prob. others) ???

Really great thanks for info zevia and thanks to erik! :bow:

Thank-You Erik and also Zevia for the info.
YUDEN000 T02 @12x (Sony AccuCORE)

Hrm… I’m getting scanning speed dips when using 8X P-CAV and 6X CLV scanning strategies. 8X CAV is still fine, though.

Anyone have any idea of what I should try to correct this? :slight_smile:

Same speed dips for me with 8X P-CAV and 8X CAV.

Previous version was fine. Any ideas???

I burned this disc at 12X with Yuden000-T02-000@T03 with MCSE SB on OS off WOPC off. I scanned it twice once with 8x scan and once with 8xP-Cav.

Just for the record with my BenQ 1655 same speed scan dips at 8X P-CAV with me also. I am sure Zevia or Zebadee will fiqure this out, I did not get these speed scan dips with V4.11, only one at 380mbs.

Exactly what I was experiencing… v4.11 perfect (apart from first speed dip)… v4.5 multiple speed dips, with each one the drive sounds as if it totally spins down and spins up again, lengthening the scanning process :sad:

am i the only one without pcav clv options on v4.50?

At first, they didn’t show up for me, either. However, when I changed the “read speed” in the options to “current” from “maximum”, they appeared.

Try to do a refresh pressing this button

I can understand it showing up in p-cav, since if you have tried a 12x scan with your 1655 you will find it dips at this speed, as well as at 16x (all of these share the same initial angular velocity).

The other interesting thing about these dips is the spacing: distance increases between them as you move from 0 to 4.38 gigabytes. That says its not related to the actual reading of data but rather a radial distance (aka there is not a dip every 350 megabytes but rather every x mm from the center).

Anyways, rant off. I gotta try 8x p-cav :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to hit the refresh button to get all speed options to show up.

Same here Qyngali, but it doesn’t help with the speed dips using P-CLV with the BenQ 1655.

When the release of B7W9 solved an identical problem
with the 1620, I don’t think any of us thought it was
a problem with CD-DVD Speed.
This puts things in a new light. :confused:

here is a bad disc, 6x CAV

Here is the same disc, 6x CLV

If you haven’t noticed already, there is a great difference in the last 200 megabytes. While I haven’t finished the 8x scan yet, I knew this disc was bad when I did the 6x CAV. Or wait, is it bad? Because according to 6x CLV its fine.

I guess the only way to know for sure is do a 1x scan of the last 400 megabytes, I will post one in a few.

Hi :slight_smile:
This topic has been covered albeit briefly by Erik. It was his contention that the problem was f/w related (there was/is some reason to believe this to be the case). Some drives exhibit this ‘flaw’ regardless of media. While other show it with - media & not +. Quite often on release of new f/w this aberration disappears.

Hi :slight_smile:
Thought this best in seperate post.
Problems I have with this version. When doing a full benchmark as the program gets to load/eject. Loses info in display window. See here: Write image will no stay ticked in options.

Benq drives will occasionally give unusually high error levels in the last few 100MBs of a disc, sometimes it will occur with high jitter levels near the edge but sometimes it can happen even without higher jitter, your disc has fairly high jitter so that could be contributing to it. I’ve seen it on a couple of discs that would scan with high errors at the edge on my Benq, but it would not show the elevated error levels on a Liteon - and before anyone says it is because I was testing a Liteon-burned disc on a Benq, it was a Benq burn, not Liteon burn. It has not been a very common occurance to have these strange scans (maybe 1 out of 15-20), perhaps CLV scanning will remove some of these ‘odd’ scans. I have a disc that I’m going to test at CLV to see how the scan turns out.