Nero CD-DVD Speed (4.08): "Create Data Disc"

Apologies for the waste of bandwidth if this topic has been prev. addressed, but what exactly does “Create Data Disc” do?

I used this function on a DVD+R. The result was a disc full (literally: 4.7GB) of *.BIN files and a folder called TESTDATA (which contained TESTDATA.DAT, a 9KB file). Nero self-named the disc "CDS_TEST_B2.

I’m going to guess that “Create Data Disc” is a utility-of-convenience, used to quickly – and ubiquitously – create a “test disc”.

Any info on the subject is appreciated.


Yep. And it saves information about what burned it and how to the disc, so it’s a favorite for people to test a disc to it’s full capacity.

Usually used to test the media compatibility because CDSpeed will display the burn speed with the error rates and hence you can figure out what’s causing a problem if there is any. A full disc is always the best to test with - hence this function exists. Also exists to test ur burner to see how it burns and whether the selected speed is actually the speed it writes at.

Thx for your replies.

I think Nero’s Data Disc can help “standardize” testing for reviewers and serious hobbyists. OTOH, I’m not sure how realistic Data Disc’s content is compared to the stuff most folks stuff into their discs. I.e., MP3 and WAV files, VOB files, Excel, Word and Access files, etc.

You can also burn Nero images or iso files with Nero CD/DVD Speed :wink: