Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.0 out!

See for news and download link the Nero CD-DVD Speed site .

Thanks for the info! Looks nice. :slight_smile:

It is included in the lastest Nero download

Good point, update of Nero just released today.

Eric announced the release in the media forum a few hours ago.

Good though you make a new thread to catch people attention. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Almost 10,000 :cool:

Going to pass 10,000 in this morning. :slight_smile: Perhaps the first CDFreaks member to pass 10K maybe outside Western Europe. :bigsmile: (Most of the early CDFreaks members were from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany…)

No Nero update on any Asian server by the way. I’m downloading from a US server and it’s taking over one hour. :sad: The cost of building and maintaining cables under the Pacific ocean is too high yet for the millions of people on this side to individually connect and download across the ocean.

I got an error when tried to use Scandisk function.

Kenshin, congratulations on 10K. Not many of us go back to 2002, but you certainly spent more time here.

ScorpioSoft, thanks for the CDSpeed link. I almost wasted an hour yesterday. It would have been very annoying to get the whole download just to do it all over.

Thanks. (I created a special thread on Living Room forum dedicated to my 10,000th post. :bigsmile: )

At least, Nero still has the bitsetting option for GSA-4163B. I personally want to see a “Start Nero CD Speed” button inside Nero Burning Rom. :slight_smile:

It is included in the lastest Nero download

YUP! :slight_smile:


Did you ever find a solution for the ScanDisc error? I can’t get it to run either – it just closes down. My older version ran (and still runs) just fine, FWIW.