Nero CD/DVD Speed 4.0 has been released - many improvements



I just posted the article Nero CD/DVD Speed 4.0 has been released - many improvements.

Nero has
send out a press release that announces that Erik Deppe, author of Nero CD/DVD
Speed has release version 4.0 of his popular and widely used CD and DVD testing
software application…

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it is in the latest version of Nero


:slight_smile: too glad to have this new version… keep on the good work mr. Deppe :slight_smile:


i think there is a bug in v4.0 with quality scanning of dvd-R, get fault with initialization with 2 drives (liteon nec) v3.8 does both disks ok in both drives. dvd+R scanning is not affected


after scanning with 3.80 it seems ok??? something weird must be going on my side so forget the above