Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.75 available in MajorGeeks

Still no update in the official site even though majorgeeks includes a link to the Author’s server.

Here you have another mirror from betanews:

Just downloaded it. Thanks for the info.

Plextor support for quality test? Wishful thinking?

Here’s the link on the official site:


Has anyone had any luck with the 3.75 update? I still get a message saying that “Drive does not support this function” when I try the disc quality test. I’m using LD-2.t8 firmware, you think it only works with stock fw? :confused:

@ ricoman
That firmware for the NEC does not support error reporting. There is no firmware that supports error reporting for the NEC3500…yet. But the fact that the drive is listed in the newer version hints that it may happen soon.

No, it will work with a firmware that supports PI/PIE scanning. Unfortunately such a firmware hasn’t been released yet (only Erik Deppe and few others have it, and of course they must keep it for themselves :wink: )… we have to wait.

BTW, the author himself talked about that yesterday here on CDFreaks (once again, thanks Erik for being with us). :cool:

Regards, :slight_smile: