Nero cd-dvd speed 3.0 scan

I’m running the disc quality test now, the rating is 93, and there are no lines in C2 above 2, and one spike at 12 for C1. From what i’ve seen, this is really good. :slight_smile: BTW its RICOHJPNR01 burned at 8x, multisession, with booktype DVD-ROM.

How do you people add the pictures? do i have to use printscreen, or is there a function in the program…

There’s a little disk button in the title bar that if you click will save the scan to a .PNG which you can then attach on the forum.

Yep, i figured that out. i’ll attach it right now if i can figure it out…

is that a good burn? sure looks like one. I’m happy.

This is a little old, but worth reading:
[thread=80545]Interpreting PI/PO error scans[/thread]

Yes, it looks good.