NERO cd_dvd lets almost freezemy system

If i start “nero cd dvd speed”,then the application goes in “not responding”,
and Worst of all I CAn’T KILL the process at all!.

Can’t eject disk either from drive,i must restart System, and i have to reset as the process prevents my system to reboot ,let the os Hanging/freezing(during TUrning OFF).

What could i do?

No problems on the system ,that apart .

I’m trying to change booktype on my ne 3540A

Plus(VERY strange),i can’t run “thirdy party” task mager,
they start but i can’t see them,only the process but not the gui.
Also,i can’t stop their process too(but i can stop /kill any other process/application).

So after the 3 boot,Nit willing to risk .