Nero CD-DVD Label & Date info n/a...?

Please advise on the best course of action if you have any ideas…

I had to use the recovery panel in XP to recover XP… :sad:

Nero CD-DVD now has two issues with my Benq DW 1620 B7W9:
Disc Quality tab/Disc info Date: says n/a and the Label: says n/a
ScanDisc tab/same issue but ALSO, when I start a scan the bottom of the tab (where it usually shows the Chapter locations) says “Unsupported file system”.

What have I tried:
Both versions of aspi32.sys (4.60 and 4.71).
Every version of wnaspi32.dll (Nero, Adaptec, 4.60, 4.71)
Updated atapi.sys to .2505 (& tried the old version .1581)
Tried forceaspi 1.7
Removed the IDE and let XP find it on reboot.
Removed the Benq and let XP find it on reboot.
Made sure I’m in DMA mode
Reinstalled the Nero package.

Nero InfoTool has the same problem with the Labels. BUT, other programs including XP do see the label. (DVDInfoPro picks up the Recording Date and the Volume Name…which may not be the “Label” and “Date” in Nero).

CAN ANYONE HELP??? I mentioned this in another thread on a similar topic (bad form I know) but that thread hasn’t gone anywhere in months…So I beg for any help here.

Does anyone know where/how the information gets there? What I really need is the Chapter info on the ScanDisc tab…REALLY, REALLY!!!

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Hi, picree :smiley:

I can’t help you yet, as I have encountered the same problem with my setup but haven’t been able to track down the source of the issue. :sad:
Just wanted to let you know your not alone with this problem. :flower:
My problem occured after uninstalling some software. Prior to that–no issue.
I have since re-installed the same software and tried to go back to the same setup I had previously but nothing is working yet. :a
I will keep tinkering at it though and let you know if I can achieve some kind of success. :doh:
BTW, my drive is a Lite-On LH20A1P 487C KL0G. :wink:

picree :cool:
The problem is affecting both of my drives. CD-DVD Speed doesn’t diplay the image name, date, or write curve or the Burner Information with my LG H10/12 as well. :eek:
I don’t think it is this version of CDS, as I have tried 3 previous versions–and they all have the same problem.
Can you check in Event Viewer Log and see if you are getting an error as I have attached below. Going through my log this error began on my PC on the 19th of April which I believe coincides with noticing the problem and the software changes I made which I think may have caused the problem.
I will be on the road for 5 days and away from my PC, so I have to put the problem on the back burner. :smiley:

No-I don’t have that error message at this time. However, I did find that error way down the list. In my case it most always had something to do with TCPIP or Net stuff so I don’t think it’s related.

I have noticed that DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink are able to read the label information (as well as the other apps I mentioned). The only apps that seem to be having a problem are the Nero suite. I did try reinstalling them once but I just told the installer to overwrite…I didn’t explicitly uninstall the suite first. I may try that…seems to be a Nero problem.

Sorry picree, :o
I should have posted “warning” not “error”. Concerning the cdrom, Event 51.
This is the particular event I was referring to, not the network error.
Sorry for miswording my previous post. :flower:

No, I don’t have the Warning either. I did try explicitly uninstalling the Nero Burning Rom suite (which I don’t use anyways), rebooting, and then completely reinstalling it but the problem remains. Tried uninstalling the Sonic DLA (drive letter access) plugin (which I don’t use) but problem remains.

I Googled on ‘Nero “volume label”’ and got a whole bunch of hits re: problems…hmm. It bugs me because it did work before with the same versions of these same apps. All I did was repair XP…and I REALLY need the chapter info on the ScanDisk tab of CD-DVD Speed.

Yesterday , I encountered similiar problem . After traced down the changes in windows , I found the cause of this problem : daemon tool with SPTD 1.43 :bigsmile: .

Daemon Tool 4.0.8 is fine because it use lower version of SPTD .

Follow these step to remove DT & SPTD

  • Remove DT
  • Download SPTDinst-v143-x86.exe
    & use it to remove SPTD driver
  • Restart you computer --> You are done :clap:

If you want to use DT , use 4.0.8 or wait for the fix from duplexsecure .

Please post result if it can solve your problem :slight_smile:

PS : I am not native english :slight_smile:

Wow! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank you soooo much hhteam. You saved us hours of additional aggravation. :bow:

That fixed the problem! I had forgotten that I updated Daemon Tools to 4.09.1. Indeed I had. It was stupid to update it as I never had any problems with the prior version I was using (4.03HE and SPTD 1.24). So, I’ve gone back to that version and now the Date:, Label:, and Chapter information are all back to normal.

Good you mentioned to also uninstall SPTD explicitly. Even if I had thought about Daemon Tools I would not have thought about SPTD. :clap:

Seems 4.09.1 is causing a mess of problems elsewhere See Here.

Thanks again!

uSerKey-I think you have your solution!

Nailed it. Thanks hhteam & picree. :clap: :iagree:

I had the same problem and found this thread using Google. Thanks! :clap: