I have problem with NeroBurn while passing NERO_CD_COPY_TYPE as the CD_FORMAT, to duplicate.
it does not return a valid NEROAPI_BURN_ERROR at all.
when it can’t burn it return NEROAPI_BURN_OK, when user abort it return NEROAPI_BURN_OK again, when it complete successfuly it return NEROAPI_BURN_OK, so what can I do?

the parameter writeCD is not correctly inialised

You must coorectly set the parameters of the fuction NeroBurn
err = NeroBurn (m_NeroDeviceHandle, NERO_CD_COPY_TYPE, &writeCD, NBF_WRITE,0,m_NeroProgress);

m_NeroDeviceHandle = handle to “Image Recorder” drive
writeCD = a NERO_CD_COPY variable
writeCD.sourceDrive must be a handle to CD/DVD drive