Nero CD copy settings for backing up VCD's?

Hi, just a simple question about some home-made VCD’s I’ve made. The VCD’s played fine on both my PC & standalone DVD player.

However Nero’s Scandisk utility has reported some of my VCD’s I’ve done have a small percentage of yellow “damaged” sectors (Despite,as I said above,they’re playing totally fine with no errors). Should I use any special settings on Nero’s CD-Copy if the VCD’s have any “damaged settings”?

Do I need to use any special settings in Nero to copy the VCD’s I’ve burnt? (Write mode types etc.) Is the standard settings oif Nero’s “CD Copy” Nero wizard sufficient to copy my VCD’s?Obviously being my own computer generated ones,they don’t have any copy protection.

Thanks for any advice!:confused:

you could pass on the vcd settings via the clony xxl profile onto clone cd. there is some option called ‘regenerate sectors’. i believe this might be useful incase you encounter any problem on the disc.

Read Options:
Read media catalog… yes
Ignore illegal TOC type - yes
Data tracks - unreadable data - continue copying - yes
Data mode 1/ 2 - nothing
Audio tracks - Read audio data with… yes
- Ignore read errors - yes
- Use Jitter correction - nothing

these settings sould work if the source cd is ok as you say!