Nero CD Copy Problem

I just purchased a new Pioneer DVR-108 DVD burner and have successfully installed it, but the problem I am having is that when I goto burn a music CD as an exact “CD Copy”. It says the burn completes successfully, and when I play the CD it has all 12 tracks but the problem is when I goto track 2 and onwards it wont play. I also noticed that track 1 is a continuous track of the whole album.

Can someone please help me with any settings I might have to change. I am currently using Nero 6.

Thanks in advance, Warmo

sounds like the file/files you are burning to cd is the issue. are they wav, iso, mp3… ?

Change the “read / write subchannels” options (disable them if they’re enabled)and “Disc At Once” instead of “Disc At Once / 96”. If they’re already disabled, then tey the opposite…

And try to extract to WAV first, and then burn, instead of CD-Copy.

It is an Exact CD Copy so straight from one original CD to a blank. I have tried other software and it works, Im just sceptical as to why nero wont work properly.