Nero CD copy doesn't work, other burns do

I’ve got Nero installed. I’ve been experiencing problems using Nero’s CD Copy to copy my home made VCD’s.
I’ve tried using both the Nero wizard & selecting the Nero CD copy template & using the following

Read Options:
Read media catalog… yes
Ignore illegal TOC type - yes
Data tracks - unreadable data - continue copying - yes
Data mode 1/ 2 - nothing
Audio tracks - Read audio data with… yes

  • Ignore read errors - yes
  • Use Jitter correction - nothing

Either way Nero copies the image file okay, although it states the CD is copyrighted,(Though I burnt the mpegs into VCD’s using Nero so I don’t know why it’d say they’re copyrighted!).
The problem is when I insert the CD-R/RW to then be burnt. Nero starts to burn but then the dialog reports “Target Scsi error” & then stops burning with a red light,(buffer overerrun Nero indicator), & then reports a burn failure.

I’m using a Asus 4012A & Windows 98 1st Edition BTW.
Now here’s the confusing thing!
As I mentioned before, I can & have used Nero successfully to burn several VCD’s via the standard Nero Wizard,insert the mpegs etc.
Additionally I also have Clone CD & used it,no problems with burns.
And I also have NTI CD maker 2000 installed, & again, no problems with Data CD’s, Audio CD’s & copying my aformentioned VCD’s burnt by Nero.

According to Clony XXL, I have Adaptec ASPI Version installed,(& of course Nero’s own later ASPI too.)

Now, if I can burn VCD’s using Nero, & can copy those CD’s using NTI CD maker 2000, & burn other CD’s, why doesn’t Nero’s own CD Copy work?

I’ve already uninstalled & reinstalled Nero with no difference.
Any thoughts?


Why not update Nero and see if that helps?
Can you copy the CDs with a regular compilation session?

Can you use Nero to burn files other than VCDs? Or does this occur only while burning VCDs?
Do you get it with CDRs and CDRWs or just CDRs?
Does this occur when using specific media?

Use different media.
Since you have Adaptec ASPI installed, you can use aspichck.exe (available at Adaptec’s website) to check whether it is intalled correctly.
Update Nero to the latest version.

If you update to the latest version of nero you’ll also find that the info tool included now has a new sheet that reports on your aspi layer and whether it is properly installed and working.