NERO CD Burning Speed

Hi folks,

I searched this Forum and others and I did not see anyone addressing or having this problem … so!

I have an odd problem with NERO. BTW, I am using

When I want to make an exact duplicate of my CD … for a copy to play in the car and asve my original in the house away from heat, etc. … I have No Problem … at 24X I can make a backup in 3 to 4.5 minutes and a perfect copy.

My problem starts when I take the same cd and rwant to rearrange the order of the songs. Here are my steps … 1) rip the cd via my Windows Media Player (I am using Ver. 10) which it takes less than few minutes then 2) I open Nero StartSmart and choose make a Audio CD … I add the Songs in the order I want … again no problem and pretty fast … Step 3) is where my PROBLEM starts … it takes almost 20 minutes or more to get the darn cd songs backed up.
Q: Why does this happen? Is this Normal? Is ther a way around this probelm?

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What format do you rip them in with WMP?

Personally I’d rip with CDex as wav format, add them in the right sequence to Burrrn ( as Nero isn’t the best for audio.

Hi TimC,

I have WMP ver 10 on my computer … so, when I get a new CD I tend to copy the songs that I like off of my new CD copy it onto my Hard Drive … if you go to WMP, there is a Tab called “RIP” … I just tick the songs that I want and push the button … WMP rips them with a *.wma ending.

Now, here is the problem I had … one of the songs it has a Lonnnng prelude … which I hate (I am not a patient person) … so I wanted to cut that part out using “Audacity” program … but Audacity does NOT take .wma files … so now I had to look for something to convert a .wma to .wav or .mp3 and get into Audacity for editing. I fianlly got my hands on a program called “dBPowerAMP” … I used OK … but I don’t care much for it … it looks kind of … well funny (the GUI) … and I am not sure it is a Freeware and Not Intrusive (I think it has 30 day Trial then gotta pay).

Anyways … [B]Q:[/B] Can I use my existing WMP and save things as anything but .wma?

BTW, I downloaded the programs that you use Burrrn and CDex … will try them out … just a Question … I hope they are not like some programs … that Take Over your computer and want to associate themselves to every little file that you have.

THANKS AGAIN for your time,

The delay in Nero is while it converts from wma to wav format for burning I guess.

Most would recommend Cdex or EAC for ripping & not WMP and NO neither Cdex or Burrrn take over so put that concern aside.

Hi TimC,

THANKS for taking the time and answering my Q. Also, appreciate for giving me a peace of mind for using CDex and Burrrrn. I Guess I will be a convert and get away from WMP.

Thanks … and I hope I can be of some help to you someday on something else!