Nero causing problems?

Hi guys, I’m having a bit of a problem burning DVD copies. I am using a legitimate copy of nero, version 7 (Don’t like interface of 8) and all of a sudden i’m getting burn failure messages. The only thing that has changed is that I installed a trial version of ANYDVD. Something that puzzles me is that I’m using vista and have noticed that the disc is being prepaired and there is now a date on the disc, when looking at it in my computer, where before there never was. When the burn process fails and the disc ejects, I can see there is a slight burn on the disc as if there had been a very very small amount of data burned. I’m using, I think, an Lg gs-h30l dvd rw drive. Anymore info needed? Please help

Try uninstalling all versions of nero, then download and run all the “nero clean” tools for version 7 /and for 8 if its available, google it. then reboot and install Nero and select only the componets that you use in the nero package.

There is also a nero “general clean tool”.

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Cheers, unfortunately that didn’t work. I am a little confused by a further problem with vista. When I stick in a blank disc, not rw, it says it is preparing the disc and then proceeds to what looks very much like a formatting stage? Why is it formatting a write once only disc? Maybe this is where my problem is and that’s with vista and not nero?

Ok, this is getting beyond the joke. All my dvd’s are turning into coasters! I have uninstalled nero, carried out a clean and then reinstalled nero. No change what so ever. Have tried to copy/produce a dvd using a rewritable and that works perfectly. I have used various brands of write once dvds and each one ends up the same. I have also now noticed that when I insert a dvd into my drive without loading any copy program that windows comes up with the message that it is ready to prepare the disc. If you agree with this it then formats the disc…a write once only disc being formatted??? But back to what is happening in nero. It carries out all it should right up until it actually has to burn the disc. It burns for about a maximum of 10 seconds and then spits the dvd out stating the burn process has failed. Looking at the disc there is a tiny line where the disc has been burnt. This never used to happen and all my discs would burn correctly. I have neither installed any other prog and never touched my computer since the last time I needed nero to burn something. HELP!!!

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If you’re getting any failed burns in Nero, can you please post an error log (it should prompt you to save one when the burn fails) - that will give us a lot of missing info in one go.

Also, do you have any kind of packet writing software installed, such as the InCD portion of Nero?

Brands, and rated speeds of the discs you’ve tried so far would also be helpful. :wink: