Nero causes XP to reboot



I have troubleshooted the cause of my XP reboots…it’s Nero
XP was rebooting randomly, but especially when I right-clicked DVD-RW drive icon to bring up menu…this would frequently cause a pause in bringing up the menu, followed by an XP reboot. Reboots were prone to occur randomly at other times. Did a fresh XP install and monitored every program I re-installed, and found Nero was the culprit. The DVD-RW is set as secondary master, with a Samsung DVD/CD-RW as secondary slave. Before I installed the DVD-RW (Pioneer 107), DVD/CD-RW was set as secondary master, and also got occasional reboots.
Does anyone have any ways to get round this (I may have to use Roxio). Incidentally, XP native CD recording is disabled for the drives.



Do you have Roxio installed as well as Nero, I found having both programs installed at the same time does cause problems?

You can try a reinstall of Nero but 1st download Nero’s General Clean Tool and running it before doing the reinstall.


I do not have any other burning software installed apart from Nero.
I have tried an XP clean install several times and the problem arises as soon as I install Nero. It looks like an Nero ASPI (Wnaspi32.dll) conflict with my mainboard (Abit IC7-G).
May have to try Roxio, but have used Nero for years on other PCs without any problems!


Have you tried the new version of nero, it may fix your problem, I doubt it though, reading the release notes ( the new version has not changed alot but it may be worth a try just in case.

I’m not a fan of Roxio myself but if that works, then I suppose you may have to use it.

Have you done the usual things, like bios updates different cable, made sure DMA is enabled etc, etc.


Just a thought Windows XP doesn’t install its own ASPI layer, have you used Nero’s Info tool to check your ASPI layer is working correctly.

The windows ASPI version that most people use is 4.60, there is a newer version that you can download from Adaptec but it has mixed version numbers, the consensus on this forum is to use the same version for all files. You can use forceASPI 1.7 which you can get from here that might be worth a try as well.

edit: Don’t forget to reboot after using forceASPI then use InfoTool to check versions, do another reboot before attempting to do a burn, it has been reported that after using the InfoTool you can have problems burning, but a reboot fixes things.

good luck


Hi Iceberg,

Thanks for your thoughts. I actually downloaded Adaptec ASPi 4.60 last night and was toying with installing it. There are no Windows ASPI layers installed at the moment. I also have the dreaded Roxio ECDC v5 in my hand right now!

On another note, I had previously posted in another forum on here regarding a ring that I get on my burnt DVDs on a Pioneer 107 (this happens at 4x but not 2x write speed). Don’t know if you have any info on this, but I feel it is where the write speed changes from 2x to 4x speed. I could change the burner, but all my writes have been of excellent quality so far…if it ain’t broke and all that!



I also have noticed this ring on my discs when the speed goes up, I think it has to do with the laser increasing power to burn at the higher speed but I’m not sure, as you say all discs work fine and so do mine so I haven’t worried about it either. Did you post it in the pioneer forum, you think someone would of replied? :confused:


Well InCD has been known to cause problems for many, don’t install it unless you need it. If you do need packet writing software then Roxio may be a better choice (uninstall Nero first). I do not recommend the use of Nero’s clean tool. I used it once and all my other DVD programs had to be reinstalled. With XP and Nero you should not need to install any ASPI. With Roxio I don’t know.