Nero capture problem

Hi there, I’m trying to capture video with Nero Vision, but do not get any sound and when I press the capture button green lines appear on the capture screen. I have a Aver TV2GO card. I have tried to capture with other programs, but have had lots of problems with the sound being out of sync with the picture. Can this be caused by the graphic card or the tv capture card? I do not know if this is happening with Nero Vision, since I can not get it to capture correctly. Thanks for your help.


This could be a capture card issue. What model AVerMedia card are you using? I check the Nero web site and we are currently only supporting the AVerMedia ultra TV PCI 300 card. If you are not using this card, please check the current support list and exchange your current card for one on supported devices.

Nero Capture Device support List:



My card is AVerTVGo Ver. 1.20! Nero vision express also locks up during recoding from DVD to SVCD.