Nero can't recognize CD/DVD Recorders!

I’ve used Nero 7 for burning files, and two days ago something happened. It couldn’t recognize CD/DVD Recorders! I was surprised, nothing like this happens to me in past. So, i’ve decided to install the latest version of Nero 9. When i installed it, again the same problem. The only difference was that Nero 9 showed what kind of problem is it:

I posted this question into forum, and some guy told me to see if i have a program like Daemon Tools, the program which creates Virtual Drive. In the time he said that to me, i’ve remembered that i was mounted a drive with UltraISO, then everything of this happened. I deleted all the programs that kind, UltraISO and Daemon Tools Pro, and all the virtual drives has gone, thank god.
The problem still occurs! I really don’t know what to do. I’ve tried everything i could remember. I googled so much, and every post is 5 years old and the problem was just outdated software. So, please don’t answer me like: “Download latest Nero” or “Try other software like ImgBurn”, blah blah. I think something is about Virtual Drives, just don’t know what.
Thanks in advance!

Open up Nero burnrights and see what the problem is…simple.!

Nope, i’ve tried that, it doesn’t work:
I’ve found a great program! It’s called AstroBurn Lite! I’ve tried to burn with it, and it finally worked! Omg, i’m so happy, lol. Now i’ll just burn all data from my computer with this program, and format my PC. It should be back to normal.