Nero cant find my Lite-On LDW-851S



hello guys.
nero cant find my Lite-On LDW-851S what shall i do?
the version of nero is 6.
i dont know what the problem is.i can write dvds but no cdr.
if there is another software you use with liteon please let me know



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If you can burn DVD´s then there shouldn´t be any problem burning CD´s…

  • Are you on xp ?, then try to disable xp default cdburning engine.
  • Try also to remove/disable pocket writing programs like InCD, DLA, DCD.



Hi Konstantiono,
Are you saying that Nero can’t find your 851, but can still burn DVD, but not CD!
Or that you can’t burn to CD.
Doesn’t make sense that you can burn DVD if the burner is not recognised.
In the “New Compilation” window, do you get the option to change from DVD to CD? (top left corner, drop down menu).
Go into Recorder->Choose Recorder. Is your drive listed?


Simply change change DVD to CD in nero’s new compilation window when you are trying to burn CD’s. I had this ‘problem’ after my first DVD burn :wink:


no i burn dvds with sonic.nero at start up only finds the image recorder


You maybe need a LINK.



Maybe this:

Why can’t Nero recognize my recorder?
Under Windows XP, you do not need any system ASPI drivers. Only the Nero ASPI drivers need to be loaded. And how does the burner fail to work? Does it fail to work as a reader or only as a writer? Nero 6 has an AutoDetect feature, which allows it to support any Recorder on the market today that supports an MMC Command set. Which means you don’t need to wait for an upgrade to support a new model recorder, even if it’s released a week or a month from now.

Did your Nero 6 software come bundled with another model recorder, and are you trying to use it with a recorder that is not the same brand of recorder as the one it came with? Meaning, did Nero 6 come with a Lite-On recorder, and you are trying to use it with a LG recorder? If so, then this is your problem as you have an OEM bundle of Nero 6 that will only work with the model recorder it was shipped with. In this example, it will only work with Lite-On Recorders.


You are welcome carbamide

When you COPY others work, it´s nice to post the Link. :cool:

To all, more FAQs can be found here