Nero can't detect NEC 2500A Help!

I just recently got my second dvd-writer drive, a NEC 2500A. But when I installed it and tried to use Nero, it wouldn’t recognize that I had the drive. When I used Nero’s InfoTool, CD Speed, and Drive Speed, They all showed that I had the NEC. But its Nero’s Burning Rom which doesn’t see it and doesn’t allow me to make dvds. I tried my other program Roxio and it worked fine. It burned two dvds for me. But I rather use Nero. Any ideas whats wrong?

Tried updating Nero? I don’t keep track of 5.5xxx updates, However I know 6.303 works with the 2500A

There’s a thread on the forums from someone who hex-edited the drivers in Nero, changing the ID string for the NEC ND-2100A (the DVD+ only version of the 2500A sold to OEMs such as Dell) to that of the ND-2500A. Only then was he able to use his ND-2500A in Nero 5.5.

You can read that thread here.

There’s no official support for the ND-2500A in Nero 5.5 - there probably never will be, as it looks like Ahead have pretty much dropped all support for Nero 5.5 now. The only way to get official support is to upgrade to 6.0. If you try the hex editing trick, it’s very much at your own risk.


dont be a wuss upgrade to nero 6…i’m sure your a guy that still uses win98…:stuck_out_tongue: change is good