Nero cant detect my cd burner

nero was doing fine for about a month until suddenly yesterday it cant detect my cd burner. when i go to the recorder—>choose recorder only the image recorder is present there, there are no cd burner. i wonder why?

i didnt upgrade anything in my computer as far as i know… so im really baffled. anyone know how to fix this problem? thanks a lot.

and oh another thing, i tried using alcohol 120% but i cant figure out how to burn my videofiles, does it only burns image files and not the videos itself?

thanks again. be waiting for the reply! thanks!!

i use the demo version by the way. but its not expired yet. im quite sure about that. so probably im using it for over 3 weeks now

Is your burner still alive?
Is it seen in the BIOS?

yes its still very much alive i can still see it in my computer, i was still able to burn some .doc files in it using windows built in software and i can see it too in alcohol 120%. the nero is the only whos having problems with it since yesterday.

maybe its because of the instability of the nero7 dont you think? maybe this is a bug? i dunno i can only guess.

tried reinstalling the new version of nero7. before the nero burning rom opens up a its saying “detecting computer hardware” or something of that sort. but still my burner doesnt shows up in the recorder.

im currently using sonic recorder as my replacement to nero7, my burner works fine with it. but my problem is its too slow to burn files.

can you suggest any alternative burning software to nero7?

and does alcohol 120% only burns image files not the videos themselves? cant seem to find out how to do it.

thanks again.