Nero cant copy cds anymore



hello,following problem : i have a : thunderb 1100,256mb,geforce1 pro ,ibm 10 gig and ibm 30gig ,aopen cdrom and Sony crx100e cdrw-writer.For a while i was able to copy cd to cd with nero,but now every time i trie Nero says :simulation on 4x fails or without the simulation i get a bufferunderrun,by the way i work with Windows Me. i did however another thing so theres my question : i installed the via latency patch and after that it all started even when i removed the patch ,could this patch be the reason? Thanks for any replies.


Probably the patch is the problem…I suggest you uninstall Nero, restart your machine and reinstall without the patch…Let us know if this works



If u get bufferunderruns, u must shut down all your active programs, especially in WinME. WinME itself could also be the problem, as I found out for myself:(. A high end system like yours shouldnt have bufferunderrun problems.