Nero cant booktype

Ok i set it on automatic and on DVD-ROM (using DVD+RW)…but either one shows up as booktype as: DVD+R not DVD-ROM. My burner can booktype…dont know why it isnt working with nero though…any ideas?

What burner is it? Are you sure that it can bootype DVD+R[B]W[/B]s? BTW, probably you won’t ever need it for RW media. :wink:



The LG GSA-H10A…yes but still i prepher it for dvd+rw because i need to make it compatiable with my old dvd playber. So any ideas…

As karangguni already told you here, the drive supports booktyping of [B]DVD+R[/B] and [B]DVD+R DL[/B] media only, [B]not[/B] DVD+RW… :disagree:

Regards, :slight_smile:


lol wtf…

what about Benq 1655 dw? does it do all?