Nero cannot find my cdrw?

Hi, I’m having problems burning CD’s.

I’m running a Lite-on LTR40125w with Windows 98.
I had Easy CD creator 5 on my machine until it required registering (and insisted upon doing the registration online, even though the computer isn’t connected to the internet).

I uninstalled Easy CD creator and installed Nero instead. Nero will not burn CD’s because apparently the only device available is a virtual device. I have also tried NTI CD-Maker 6 Platinum, which gives the same results.

According to the device manager in control pannel, system, the “lite-on LTR 40125W CD/RW” is just a CD ROM drive and is working correctly.

So far I have tried:

1). Updating the firmware using WSOB, which was done successfully (apparently!?).
2). Removing the CDRW and trying it in another computer. It works fine!
3). Updating the drivers through windows.
4). Looking for specific drivers on the net (none exist because it’s an OEM device and windows should know what it is).
5). Swapping the DVD-rom drive and the CD/RW over physically (I was getting desperate at this point!).
6). Looking in the Nero help files (totally useless!).
7). Searching for the answer on the internet (which suggests all of the above).

Incedentally, the problem isn’t just isolated to that particular computer. The computer I am on now has an LG GSA-40408 DVD RAM/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RWCDRW/DVD ROM/CD ROM drive installed. It used to have the Lite-on drive from above in it, and a copy of Easy CD Creator 5, which was removed and replaced with Nero 6 to allow DVD burning. It won’t work unless I connect another hard drive I have as master (a drive that never had Easy CD Creator on).

Short of re-formatting the drive and starting again, what else could I try?

Is Easy CD Creator some sort of virus? I’m beginning to wonder!
Did the writers of Easy CD Creator intend for this to happen? Perhaps a whiff of the old Internet Explorer vs Netscape foul play?

Thanks in advance…:slight_smile:

Have you tried following these instructions to remove Easy CD from the drive?

These instructions are for Windows operating systems (other than XP).

I uninstalled Easy CD creator and installed Nero instead
Have you tried using the latest Nero version? The one you mentioned is rather old and it could be that it doesnt support this burner.