Nero Cannot erase/write Ultra-speed CD-RW




I am using Samsung SW-248F 48x/24x/48x (supports ultra-speed) and Nero 5.5.10 on Win2k.

In Nero, when I tried to erase (quick or full) an Imation 10x-24x CD-RW, it says:

  Please insert a rewritable disc

And when I tried to burn to a BLANK Imation 10x-24x CD-RW, it says:

  The recorder does not support this type of media!
  Please insert a correct medium to write to...
  Medium required for the compliation: CD-R/RW
  Medium type in the recorder: (Empty)

If I use Roxio Easy CD Creator, I can erase/burn using the SAME medium without any problem.

Any idea? Thanks for any help!



Did you try better media? Imation = CMC = cheaply made crap


Thanks alexnoe, I haven’t tried any other brand yet. So you think maybe Nero is sensitive to the brand/make of the media and Easy CD Creator is less sensitive?



It might be possible that Nero just stops if the burner reports an error, while ECDC might retry several times…it’s not the most likely explanation, but possible. It has occured before…