NERO cannot copy on the fly DVD and some cds

its not able for me to copy dvd with my backups files (not FILMS or games )the messages sais not valid dvd or blank
Any ideas?

Can’t really remember of anything right now…can you correctly create/burn images ?

yes perfect but everytime i am trying to copy on the fly it bring the same message and ejects the DRD-R media!!!
my DVD-RW is NEC 2510A and my reader Piioneer 120

nero update is out that fixes the bug that some have experienced with on-the-fly copying. update to or downgrade to earlier than

i have 6.6.03 and i am dowloading now 6.6.05 but the problem has also a frined of mine with 6.3.x.x :frowning:
Very weird

I had this too I downloaded the latest version and went into smart start, chose dvd and selected copy DVD it then told me it couldn’t do it, but I was wondering if it was because there were different types of files on the dvd, although I have copied on older versions of Nero so if anyone has any ideas please help

Just looked lower down the page and there is an update which is suppoed to fix the problem available from today


i have the same problem. Nero wants to have a dual layer disk to start the burning process.

My question to you is:

  1. Do the burner need to know the media type, so I need a firmware update? That means, does the burner need to recognize any media?

  2. Do the burn program (Nero 6.3.x) need to know the media type?

  3. Why is a single layer DVD not recognized? I want only to burn a data DVD (4,3 GB). For testing ajust used a few MB to test the Burner. Nero only offers a media size about 8,x GB and booktype “DVD”, so I can not start the burning, because the media is ejected.

Thanks for any help?

There was an update on Nero to 6.6.06 last week which solved on the fly copying at least it did for me

Hi following information about the usage of single or double layer DVDs:

  1. The manufacturer of the DVDs must be known in the burner, therefore you need a firmware update, so that the DVD will be recognzied by the burner and the depending burning software.

  2. Nero Burning ROM solved the problem to recognize single and double layer DVDs. If you start NERO without a DVD to be written you get the choice box fot the output type (DVD 5 or DVD9).

When you enter a DVD (e.g. a known single layer DVD), Nero recognizes the DVD and the choice box will not be offered. The ourput format/media type will automatically be set by Nero.

=> So upgrade to Nero Burning ROM and the problem is solved for media types (DVDs) that are konwn by the burn-hardware device.