Nero cache - Help!


I had a version 7 of Nero installed (can’t remember which one) and it worked like a treat last year. Ran into problems this year So uninstalled and now have as I’ve read on some forums that some verions 7’s had too many bugs (correct or not?). The main error message that keeps on occuring has been ‘fixation problems’. Then I read somewhere about cache problems and tried a slightly different method in Nero for burning and sure enough it tells me that I don’t have enough memory in the cache, to free up some. Now I know NOTHING about this cache business. Can someone guide as to where to look at what do do. Note that my C drive is nearly full and that my DVD RAM DRIVE says it’s full (although no space is used). I’m not up to speed at all with the caching and drive business, so can someone please help me. ESPECIALLY SINCE I AM MOVING TO THE MIDDLE EAST SOON WHERE A LOT OF MOVIE CONTENT IS BANNED (and I don’t mean porno, just regular movies) so I need to stock up soon.

I don’t know exactly what sets off that message, but I know Nero will cache data during a transcoding/burn and needs room to do that. If your hard drive is full, it may not have any room. Maybe you could get a second hard drive and move some files to it to clean off the primary drive.

Thanks Saltgrass. I have been meaning to get a second hard drive or increase the size of my existing but tell me, is there somewhere is should go to ‘clean up’ the cache to free some room until I do get another hard drive?

As I mentioned, I am not sure what cache it is referring to, but one is in the User\Local\Temp folder, which is set in Nero. You might try deleting something in there, although another user said that did not help.

I also know that most of the logs show references to Nero Caching files while burning, which is what I think it is referring to. I don’t know exactly where this is, but it may just depend on available space on the hard drive. If there is no room to add 4.7 gigs worth of files prior to burning, you might get that message.

There is an option to cache or not cache files somewhere, I can’t find it right now, but you might try, even though this is not recommended.

Under the UltraBuffer tab in options in NeroBurning ROM, there is another setting you might try for cache size.