Nero: burns with read-only attribute set to on


I’ve been backing up programs I’ve bought over the internet to CD and have discovered that they are being written to the CD with the read-only flag On, which is a pain when it comes to copying them back off onto my new computer. Is there a way to prevent Nero from doing this?

Win98SE and Nero 5.5

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Think about it, CD’s are read only. The read only attribute is a requirement, it’s intrinsic to CD’s.

Aye, but most CDs you copy files off don’t have the attribute still checked when they end up on your computer…

I beg to differ…

The Windows file system will set files as read only because the files came from a medium which is read only. This is a measure which reinforces sane handling of the files. The read only flag isn’t even available of ISO 9660 discs, nor is it available with Joliet extensions.

The only method of storing files with the read only attribute (set either on or off) on such formats is to pack them in an archive.

Can you check again by copying some files from a CD? I would be most surprised (and further educated) if they came off the disc with anything other than a read only attribute.

BTW, I’m not sure if the above info applies to UDF and Mt. Rainier file systems but it is certainly true for ISO 9660 based CD’s with Joliet and other common extensions. You can check the UDF specification @

Here’s one solution after copying your files.

At any prompt, type attrib -r C:\FolderName*.* /s

That will change all files within the folder/subfolder but not the folders themselves.

You’ll receive a message that hidden files are not being reset. If you want them to be reset also, add -h to the command.


I am interested in turning off the Read-Only attribute too with Nero. I have Nero on one PC and Sonic Burning software on another PC. The Nero always sets the Read-Only on, but the Sonic leaves it the same as the original file. The files I burn to the CD have mixed attributes set, some Read-Only and some not, so using the attrib command is a pain because I can’t turn them all off when I am done and I am working with hundreds of files.

Does anyone have a solution for Nero?