Nero burns unreadable disc. ODD!

I am using winxp pro, nero and cdrw disks to burn data. It shouldn’t matter what media I use when I encounter this problem:

I want to burn 4 mp3 albums and a zip file onto the disk. So, when you open the cd, you should see 4 folders, and a zip file in the root of the disk. When I burn with nero, in data disk mode, the cd burner burns to disk. I can see the burn marks on the back side of the disk, so it isn’t blank. SOMETHING got burned to disk.
However, when i put the disk back into the drive, it cannot read the disk. Burning .tar files will also make the disc unreadable.


If I burn a .rar file, or I rename the zip file extension to .mp3, I can burn the disk fine and the disk will be readable by windows.

So, my question/reaction is: WTF?!

why does this happen? obviously my burner is fine. WTF is going on with nero? EZCD creator doesn’t have this problem. I do the exact same mix of mp3 and zip files in EZCD, and it burns fine.

I’m curious to see if this problem is reproduceable on other people’s computers. So if you have a cdrw disc, please put a few folders of mp3 on it. and add a good sized zip file to the root. See if you can burn a readable disc.

n/m. I think i fixed the problem.

It looks like a problem with windows xp’s built in ‘zip folder’ feature. I unregistered the zipfolder dll, and now i can burn zip and tar files to disk.

Thanks for the info…

I’ve encountered something similar where after burning to CD a large .ZIP I am unable to read it. The drive will sit there trying to and eventually error out.

Can you please tell me how to “unregister” the XP .ZIP feature?

Thanks in advance.

go to Start > Run, type this in:

regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll

and press enter.