Nero burns slow on dual core Dell pc

Hi I have a new Dell with a dual core Pentium 3.0ghz and NEC 3540 dvd burner. The funny thing is, all my data seems to burn so slowwww now. A DVD takes 20minutes, a CD 10 minutes. Have anyone else experience this?

Check that DMA is set on for both the NEC & your HD.

Thx TimC. Yes, all drives were set to DMA. It’s very frustating. I want to call Dell tech support, but I’m sure they will just go through the typical responses and not really know what to do.

Are the burner & HD on the IDE same channel?
And what software are you using for burning?

I have a brand new Dell 9100, Pentium 4 Dual Core, 3.0ghz, nec 3540 on the p-ata and the 80gb drive on the s-ata. It’s running win xp pro with the latest service packs, and Nero Burning Rom

Very strange. I run Windows Task Manager, performance, and it shows two cpu. One CPU Usage History is almost 100% while the other is idling at 15%.

Do you think it has to do with dual core/winxp and nero’s burning process? Or would it be dual-core/winxp and nero’s encoding process? I have mostly been backing up movies using dvdshrink, which runs fast until it gets to the burning phase. I have also been turning mp3’s into music cd’s, and don’t know if it’s the encoding or burning that is slow.

Perhaps it’s related to the NEC 3540? I don’t know. I guess I’ll just have to play around some more.

I have the same issue.

I have 2 systems with the exact same setup except 1 is dual core, the other is not. Same ram, Same processor speed, Same DVD drive.

When using DVDFab decryptor on the dual core, the system becomes excessivly slow. It rips the DVD much slower than the other machine that is not dual core. When looking at the processor, one is 100% the other is 15%.