Nero burns slow on Core2 duo

I bought a new dell dimension 9200 desktop. The thing is when i try to burn a dvd it takes long. It takes about 20-25 minutes @ 8x dvd burning.It also slows down my pc to where the folders take about ten seconds to open(only when im burning a dvd). On my other pc(single core), it only takes about 8-10 minutes. I cant figure what them problem might be. Anybody else have this problem? Any solutions? Thanks!

Dell Dimension 9200 Desktop w/ Core2 Duo E6400 , 512MB DDR2, 160GB Serial ATA, free DVD/CDRW, 256MB nVidia Geforce 7300LE TurboCache, XP Home
Model # for dvd burner is TS-H553A (sata burner)

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Check if DMA is enabled

The problem is that the enable dma option is not listed on my sata raid controller under “SCSI and RAID controllers”. It’s the Intel® ICH8R/DO/DH SATA RAID Controller.

Nero seems to be processor intensive, especially with .avi files. You might open Task Manager and watch the Preformance tab for processor usage. Of course, even running Task Manager will slow down Nero. I have told them I though it was a bug, but they don’t seem to agree.

I don’t know how the Core 2 processor handles such tasks, but you might even stop doing other things while it is burning. I suppose Task Manger would show if only one core was being used, and you can change the way it is displayed as far as how many processors are shown.

Im burning .Vob files using the “Burn Dvd-Video files” task opening with Nero Burning Rom in Nero Startsmart.

I looked into the details of my drives and found that both my hard drives are “generation 2” when i look into the Serial Ata Transfer Mode. and the dvd writer Reads “generation 1”. From what i read Generation 2= 3Gb/s data rate and Generation 1= 1.5Gb/s data rate. Could it be that somehow data is not transferring fast enough? Or this problem is not caused by my computer but infact by Nero? :confused:

Every task slows down when im burning a dvd on nero. What if i tried a different burning program? Could that be better? Which is recommended? Thanks!

Oh!!! :doh: Found something that might be the answer.

Found it floating around the net…

> Has anyone found that Nero 7 uses a dual core cpu
> better then version 6.6?
> Trying to decide if it is worth while to upgrade to Nero 7.
> thanks,
> jmc

Nero 7 is dual-core aware (assuming you mean AMD and not the Intel dual-core
wanna-be). If you have an AMD X2 processor, it is worth it. If you have an
Intel Core-Duo, don’t bother as Nero 7 will run slower on the Duo because of
the data contention of two cores using one slovenly FSB.


If this is the case then ill just need to let go of Nero… :sad:

Does your drive comes with the Dell?
Use Nero CD-DVD Speed and run Burst Test. You will need a DVD with some data on it. Let us know how many MB/s you get.

Yes it came with the dell. I will post the results of the Burst test in a few minutes.

Serial Number;Drive;Firmware;Burst rate
TS-H553AFirmware;TSSTcorpDVD±RW TS-H553A;DE03;61144 KB/sec

I ran Nero Infotool and it says that my master Hard drive is DMA enabled while my other hard drive and dvd burner have DMA disabled. The problem is that i dont know how to enable DMA because there is no ide controller because i have only Sata drives set up on my pc. Instead… when i run the device manager i get “SCSI and RAID controllers” and its the Intel® ICH8R/DO/DH SATA RAID Controller. This controller has no option on whether to enable or disable DMA.

Here are the results

Nero InfoTool 4.03

Interface Information

Adapter 1

Description : Primary IDE Channel

Description : system32\drivers\iastor.sys
Company : Intel Corporation
Version :
Description : Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver

Attached Devices
Description : Master: SAMSUNG HD160JJ/P
Type : Disk Drive
DMA : On
Description : Slave: TSSTcorp DVD±RW TS-H553A
Type : CD-Rom Drive
DMA : Off
Autorun : On
Description : Slave: ST3300622AS
Type : Disk Drive
DMA : Off

ASPI Information

System ASPI : ASPI is not installed

Nero ASPI : ASPI is installed and working properly

wnaspi32.dll : 164112 bytes November 02, 2004

Upgrade your SATA/IDE controllers divers to IDE standard in your motherboard to have UDMA or DMA active might resolve your issue.

How do i upgrade my SATA/IDE controller to IDE standard if my system is set up tp be sata only w/ no sign of ide connectors on my motherboard at all? is it possible?

From nero infotool report, here is reported that DMA is disabled.

If I understand correctly, you have a s-ata HDD, but the DVD burner is IDE, is it correct?

Probably you have the Intel IDE drivers. Check here how to uninstall IDE drivers to install standard microsoft ones.

No, the dvd burner is also sata. Nothing on my system uses IDE and my controller is only “SCSI and RAID controllers”. Ill post a screenshot in a while.

First, a disclaimer: I have a fuzzy understanding of these issues at best. I’m just experimenting based on some thoughts that I’ve read here.

I have a system that sounds very similar to silliejo; Dual core, Intel chipset G965 Express, TS-H553A burner and SATA RAID / Intel Matrix.

I’ve added to my coaster collection in a big way.

The first thing I did was update Intel Matrix (RAID controller) to version

More coasters.

Then I decided to use brute force. If the 2 processors are having a hard time communicating with each other, disallow one of the CPUs for Nero. Use the Task Manager to locate the Nero (or whatever burning software) process, right click on it, select “Set affinity…” and uncheck one of the CPUs.

Problem not solved but at least averted.

I admit it’s a crude hack but it will do until Intel figures out how to integrate their own products with each other…and 3rd party applications.

As an added bonus, it’s fun to see one of your CPUs pinned at 100% for extended periods of time. I’ve never seen that before. :bigsmile:

what is de mobo layout of this Dell ? is the sata burner behind the intel chip or behind a different chip? what’s the manufactuer of this mobo?..Dell ;(

Hi! I have the same problem with my MSI P965 mainboard with core 2 duo prosessor…
the one core is going at 100% when burning with nero 7.5.7 and the prosess takes over one hour to burn a dvd…

Can someone tell me if this is the right driver to install? JMicron IDE/SATA RAID Driver?
It is the only driver I can find about ide/sata on the homepage for my mainboard.

But I dont use raid in my computer so I am afraid of doing something wrong…

please help!

:bow: IT WORKED!!!

Installed the JMicron IDE/SATA RAID Driver and now everything goes SMOOOTLY :slight_smile:

I have the same Dell Dimension 9200 you have, just slightly different components: E6600 instead of your E6400, 1 GB DDR2, 2 hard-drives, Geforce 7900GS. Otherwise everything is the same, including the SATA burner (Toshiba (?) H553A).

I checked the info tool, and I also have “DMA On” only on the primary Samsung drive, the burner has “DMA Off”

And I am running Nero 7 (

But I don’t have the speed problem you are having – I get a full DVD out in about 8 minutes.

What is the firmware of your burner? Nero Info Tool shows “DE04” on my burner.

Also, this may be too obvious, but I’ll ask anyway: Do you by any chance have the “verification” turned on in Nero? That will easily double the time since after the burn, Nero automatically compares it to what is on the drive.

Jtoras; My san also has the same processor with Asus Motherboard and the same Video card recently upgraded his PC but his processor with stock HS is run kind of “hOT” (60 TO MID 60c) IS YOURS ALSO RUNING HOT?.