NERO Burns of EAC Disc Images Add a Loud POP!



When using EAC to create a disc image and then using NERO to burn the image, I get a loud POP after the last song on the burned disc.

I don’t recall this happening when using NERO to burn an image made by any other program.

When I make an image of the album with CCD and burn it with CCD there is no POP after the last song.

I’m not sure if the POP was on the single, long wav file created by EAC or if NERO added it somehow. I don’t see how NERO would ADD a POP on it’s own; for that matter niether should EAC.

I deleted the album long wav files in question that I created with EAC.
I do have one EAC album wav file left that I haven’t attempted to burn.
When I listen through to the end of the last song, there is no POP on the original wav.
I can’t be sure if that was the case with those that produced a POP without attempting to make more coasters.
I just tossed several and redid them with CCD.

Everyone done with EAC/NERO had a loud audible POP after the last song.
Everyone done with CCD is clean.


I had a Creative CD Writer which put a pop on the end of EVERY CD. Since getting my new drive this never happens so I just put it down to the writer.


I considered that but it only happens with EAC disc IMAGES.
CCD images and disc images, bins, ques made with any other program are fine.

If I rip the original disc to wav with EAC and then compile a new audio disc with NERO, there is no POP.

I have a TDK 24/10/40x.


use feurio! to burn audio.