Nero Burns of Blu-Ray receive a Sector 15 Warning

Everytime I burn a Blu-ray disc, in Nero 9 Ultra, I check the verification box. Upon verify, I get a warning stating that Sector 15 does not match what was written to the disc. It is the same sector every single burn and I have tried multiple brands as well as single and dual layer discs.

I have sent the item in to Pioneer twice for repair and recently submitted a ticket to Nero. I have used the same burner for CD and DVD writes and receive no warnings on the verification.

Any suggestions? Should I return the product again or ask for a new one? Does this sound like a Nero issue? Any help would be appreciated!



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Are you burning data or a blu ray movie?

Try a burn with ImgBurn. You can set it to verify the burn also. See if you have any problems show up. ImgBurn is free to use and can be found here:


I I have only been burning data. Will imgburn allow me to burn data as I don’t have any iso’s to burn - unless I create one…?

Thanks - Mallard27

ImgBurn will burn data in Build mode. Just add the files you want. There are guides to using ImgBurn here:

ImgBurn starts up in EZ Picker mode in the default settings, so just choose Write Files/Folders to Disc to get into Build mode.

Make sure to set output to Device (your burner) rather than Image File, if you want to burn straight to the disk.


I tried that and the disc burned without errors. I guess it is Nero. Thanks for your help. I wish I would have tried this before mailing the drive back to Pioneer 2 different times though there support told me it sounded like the drive.

Thanks again - Mallard27

Is Nero drivespeed running??

I am not sure. I am certain it works but not sure if it was running during a burn. I did run windiff on the disc and compared to the source and found that it was exactly the same. This leads me to believe that Nero is flagging a warning that does not really exist.