Nero burns in 10+ minutes

I am trying to write data cd’s to hold som misc. files and I am using Nero. I put the disk in, cheap WalMart 24x DuraBrand cds, and then set up the data to burn. Nero goes through the first 4% which is lead in and then STOPS, stays at 4% for about 7+ minutes goes through the data burn then at lead out stops again for about 4+ minutes then says its done but 75% of the time it says there are errors. I check the disks in my DVD drive and all is fine all the programs install or run.

I have changed burning speed and the only speed that doesnt cause this is @ 16x. This is ok but i didnt buy a liteon 48125w to burn @ 16x on data. My question is has anybody had this before, is it nero or the disks??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You said it yourself, ultra cheap wal-mart media. You could turn off smart-burn and see if speed improves. Also, did you turn on DMA in device manager?

Well I did find my problem after getting completely sick of the problems I went and bought some TDK and tried them, now Nero would only allow them to go too 40x but they burnt fine @40x with no errors taking all of 3 to 3.5 minutes. I also went to the cdfreaks bargain basement and decided to see about some inexpensive not cheap media and ordered a new 100 pack for less than my walmart cheapies, after shipping.