Nero Burns DVD, But WMP won't play them!


I recently upgraded my Nero to the 7850 version. Nero successfully burned and verified the data of the DVD.

I put it in Windows Media Player 11 so I can watch it. I recognizes the DVD, goes to the movie menu, and when I click on Chapter, it gives me an error message. I click to send the report, and then it gives me a link to go to a page that will explain the problem. HA!

The message on that page says: “Problem caused by A Filter (IVIVIDEO.AX)
This problem was caused by A Filter (IVIVIDEO.AX). This program was created by InterVideo, Inc… InterVideo, Inc. does not currently have a solution for the problem that you reported.”

What is that all about? I have been burning CD’s and DVD’s for over a year now and never saw this message! Has it got something to do with the Nero upgrade? Is there a setting or something I need to change in Nero or what?

Any and all help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :bow: