Nero Burns, but can't be read




I’m using Nero 5 (yeah I know old) to burn data (pics, videos etc). It appeared to have burned sucessfully - No errors that I can see.

I picked some randome pictures in the first directory burned, and no problems. I could view them fine.

However, all other directories/files(pics) could not be viewed at all. No errors, they just wont’ view. Three different computers same results. I can see the files are there, have the appropriate extensions and file size.

I am burning them to DVD+R with the same computer/burner (HP) I have been using for a long time.

I also have a need to write a large amount of data files out. I know CD’s will work, but don’t want to spin 4-6 cd’s when 1 dvd will work.

Any thoughts… Thanks


What are you using to view them and what are you system specs?


Thanks for the reply…

Not sure it matters what I used to view the pics (though I did use 2-3 different pic viewers - on 3 different computers) since one of the directories I was able to view them without any issues. All subsequent did not.

Not sure what you mean by system specs, but will try:

Win xp SP2
Nero version 5
HP cd/dvd writer
DVD +r media

Hope that helped…